Welcome to the Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association! We are delighted to have you join us in our mission to protect and enhance the ecological and recreational wonders of the Maribyrnong River and its surrounding waterways. As stewards of this precious natural resource, our association is dedicated to fostering a sustainable and thriving environment for both present and future generations. Through community-driven initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and innovative strategies, we strive to ensure the preservation of this vital ecosystem. Explore our website, get involved, and join us in shaping a brighter future for waterways in the Maribyrnong catchment. More…
Paddling Deep Creek

The River

The Central Macedon Range is the primary source of the two major tributaries to the Maribyrnong River: Deep Creek flowing to the north, and Jacksons Creek flowing to the south. These tributaries join near Bulla to form the Maribyrnong River. Below this confluence, the Maribyrnong stretches 41km before it meets the Yarra and eventually Port Phillip Bay.

Our Vision

The Maribyrnong River and surrounding waterways are cared for, respected, and protected for the well-being and survival of all communities that rely on them.

Our Purpose

We raise awareness of the importance of waterways in the Maribyrnong catchment and collaborate with groups and individuals to facilitate systemic environmental change and greater investment into the Maribyrnong River and surrounding waterways. We activate opportunities for individuals to connect with nature and improve our waterways.

How we do this

  • We advocate for improved water quality in the Maribyrnong River and other waterways in the Maribyrnong catchment through targeted campaigns and lobbying
  • We promote the re-establishment of natural habitat for wildlife in the Maribyrnong catchment
  • We provide educational programs about environmentally sustainable practices, educating a growing and diverse population living in the catchment
  • We provide opportunities that enable deep connection to community and country in the form of walks, talks, and boat rides
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