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The Maribyrnong River (Mirrangbamurn) is Victoria’s second largest river, formed by the confluence of two main branches, Deep Creek and Jackson Creek, over a 1600 square kilometre catchment. The headwaters of Deep Creek and Jackson Creek begin on the slopes of the Macedon Ranges, 70 kilometres northwest of the Maribyrnong’s mouth at Yarraville.

Various streams, including Dry Creek and Garden Hut Creek, gather from the north and north east of Hanging Rock (Ngannelong) joining Deep Creek as it flows northward towards the Cobaw State Forest. Deep Creek continues eastward through Lancefield, southward through Romsey, and then traverses further east before being joined by Boyds Creek at Darraweit Gum. Deep Creek continues its southward journey reaching confluence with Konagaderra Creek near Mickleham and Emu Creek north of Bulla.

Other small streams including Turitable Creek, Willimigongon Creek and Barringo Creek, traverse southwards from Mount Macedon and join, the larger, Riddells Creek. Jacksons Creek begins approximately 12 kilometres southwest of Mount Macedon and flows eastward through Gisborne. Riddells Creek traverses in a southwest direction reaching confluence with Jacksons Creek near the Riddells Creek township. Jacksons Creek continues its journey southward, flowing almost parallel to Emu Creek.

Jacksons Creek reaches confluence with Deep Creek to the west of Melbourne Airport to form the Maribyrnong River. The freshwaters are joined by Taylors Creek and Steele Creek before becoming an estuary meeting the Yarra River and Port Philip Bay.

Places To Visit

The Maribyrnong River and its waterways abound in opportunity for connecting with nature, community, the outdoors, ancient and urbanisation history.

Upper Deep Creek

  • Hanging Rock, Woodend
  • Five-Mile Creek Reserve, Romsey

Lower Deep Creek

  • Martin Dillon Reserve and Wildwood Road South Bridge, Bulla

Maribyrnong River estuary reach

  • Pipemakers Park, Maribyrnong
  • Footscray Park, Footscray
  • Newells Paddock, Footscray

Riddells Creek

  • Stanley Park Bushland Reserve, Mount Macedon
  • Wybejong Park, Riddells Creek

Upper Jacksons Creek

  • Jacksons Creek, Gisborne

Maribyrnong River freshwater reach

  • Brimbank Park, Keilor
  • Taylors Creek, Keilor
  • Steele Creek, Essendon West

Lower Jacksons Creek

  • Jacksons Creek biik wurrdha parklands, Sunbury
    • This newly created regional parkland is a 1000-hectare site linking existing reserves and parklands – The Glade, Emu Bottom Wetlands, Skyline Drive Reserve, The Nook, Apex Park, Jacksons Hill Reserve and the Holden Flora and Fauna Reserve. Over the coming years additional walking and cycling trails will be added to the Jacksons Creek biik wurrdha Parklands and further ecological restoration is planned to ensure the flourishing of the growling grass frog corridor.
  • Organ Pipes National Park, Keilor North

Ways to explore

Boating, paddling and fishing are popular activities along on the Maribyrnong River. Club members and individuals enjoy recreational and competitive paddling and rowing, canoe polo and touring activities. Numerous public berthing and fishing facilities are available along the Maribyrnong River downstream of Canning St to Footscray. Swimming is not permitted.

The Maribyrnong River Trail is a 25 kilometre cycling and walking path following the river from Brimbank Park, Keilor, all the way to its confluence with the Yarra River at Yarraville.

The Northern Maribyrnong River Heritage Trail is a guide to significant ancient, industrial and urbanization sites along the Maribyrnong River Trail from Solomon’s Ford / Canning St Bridge to Raleigh’s Castle Site just north of Pipemakers Park, Maribyrnong.
The Maribyrnong River Heritage Trail is a guide to significant sites along the Maribyrnong River Trail from Pipemakers Park to the Stony Creek Backwash just south of the Maribyrnong’s confluence with the Yarra River.
Brimbank Park has an extensive 10 kilometre network of trails through its grasslands, wetland and river-sides.
The Taylors Creek Trail extends from the Kulin Wetlands of Brimbank Park along Taylors Creek to Watergardens Shopping Centre. Taylors Creek boasts remnant grasslands and majestic River Red Gums.
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