Planning Controls

The Maribyrnong River and Waterways Association has been involved in advocating for the health of the Maribyrnong River catchment and protecting it from further damage. We have successfully lobbied for stronger planning controls to protect the river and surrounding areas.

In 2022, Planning Scheme Amendment VC201 was gazetted. The amendment delivers stronger planning policies and landscape controls to protect the Rivers of the Barwon, Waterways of the West and all rivers and creeks across Victoria. The amendment responds to short-term planning actions associated with the Victorian Government’s Waterways of the West Action Plan.

Planning changes are now live and include the following:

Landmark strengthening of State planning policy for waterways, lakes, wetlands, and billabongs:

State policy relating to rivers, riparian corridors, waterways, lakes, wetlands and billabongs has been significantly strengthened, with the update providing guidance and protection for these features state-wide.

New Regional planning policy for the Rivers of the Barwon and Waterways of the West:

which holistically identifies these integrated landscapes as key locations for protection, functioning as broader living systems.

New landscape overlay controls:

to protect the Barwon, Leigh, Moorabool and Yarrowee rivers (Rivers of the Barwon) and the Maribyrnong River, Moonee Ponds Creek and Werribee River (Waterways of the West). As committed in the action plans, the overlays are implemented.

The longer-term actions we are advocating for include:

Protecting the Maribyrnong River, Moonee Ponds Creek, and the Werribee River from inappropriate development with stronger built-form planning controls. Pushing for a review of planning controls for the regional reaches of the Waterways of the West and preparation of stronger planning controls for other significant waterways, including Skeleton Creek, Stony Creek, and Jacksons Creek. 
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